Friday, June 1, 2012

Nature's Healing

People these days are stressed. They have so much on their plates that they are beginning to break down. The effect that stress has on your body can manifest into many different sicknesses. Stress can lead to anxiety disorders, heart disorders, emotional and psychological problems. There is a way to alleviate this stress; just by taking a walk, lying on a blanket on the grass or sitting in a chair by the river. Nature is a drug-free way to relieve stress. Let me just explain to you why.

Nature is filled with things that naturally relieve stress. The sun produces energy that flows through you, creating a warm relaxing sensation. This is true because the warmth relaxes your muscles, and eases tension. The sounds that occur in nature are also proven to induce a relaxing state of mind. I know this because they make machine to recreate these sounds for use to relax you into a restful state. However, there is no substitute for the real nature. Sitting by the river listening to the water lapping against the banks in a rhythmic pattern, can put your body a peaceful rhythm as well. Haven't you ever just sat and listened to the rain fall, it was calming, wasn't it? That is what nature is all about.

Smells can also play a role in the as well. Walking through a garden filled with fragrant flowers releasing their beautiful scents is euphoric. Smelling these types of smells causes your brain to release chemicals that naturally relieve your stress. The smell of just clean, fresh air can make you feel open and clear. Just as easily; seeing the amazing changes and beauty in nature can put your chaotic mind at ease. Watching the wind blow through the leaves of the trees, the sway of the branches gives you a sense of the power of nature.

So why are we so stressed? If everyone knew the secret to a less stressful life was right outside the door, wouldn't we all be peaceful? Give it a try; next time it rains just stop and listen. Go to a park and walk, take in the scenery. Grab a blanket, lay in the yard, and close your eyes, listen, and feel. Find solitude somewhere in nature, because your mind and body are begging you for a break from stress. The answer is way too easy to make excuses, just try it.

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