Sunday, June 24, 2012

3 Steps to Calm Down Fast

The worst time to make up your mind on a specific matter is when you are calm or during an emotional times where your mind is not thinking straight. Your mind can calm down in minutes, but of course, depending on the situation you are suffering, it could take more time. But no matter what, a decision you will take in your state of anger will not turn out to have the outcome that you have wanted.
As a main rule, your decisions cannot be rushed. You need to be calm before taking any step forwards or any decision, no matter how small or urgent it is.
But how can you calm down to take a decision when you are at an angry state?

There is a simple method to calm down temporarily. It does not take much time or effort to work, but it does take a lot of concentration.

• Breathing:
As strange as it might seem, breathing will always help you calm down and grab a hold on your temper. Even in the hardest situations, the ability to breathe slowly and allow your anger out with the breath that you exhale will change your mood almost instantly.

- Press your palms together in front of your face and close your eyes.
- Inhale until your lungs are full while raising your hands up until they are all the way up.
- As you inhale, move the muscles of your stomach; sucking it in and pushing out in a way that would make you feel comfortable.
- Slowly exhale out of your mouth while moving your arms away; extended to either side and down.
- Repeat the same process until you feel calm.

The whole process should not take more than a minute.

• Relaxing:
Relaxation will help you get a stronger grip on your mood. It will set your mind free of the stress you might be going through. The mean to relax will take more effort than releasing your anger temporarily.

- First of all, you need to get in a position where your body is comfortable. The stress your body will put on you might change the course of your relaxation.
- Either close your eyes or stare into a still object or wall.
- Imagine a white sheet of paper, or whatever that resembles emptiness in your mind.
- Begin drawing on that sheet something that will keep you calm as long as the drawing is still and at the same time expanding.

This process will take a little longer but it will put you in a right set of mind for the next and final step.

• Imagining:
The final step could be taken in two different approaches.

- First, close your eyes and start imagining the situation.
- Do not look at the situation from your position, but rather from above. Imagine it as if you're watching a football match with two teams competing for the win.
- Try to see who has the right; whether it was your party or the other party.

- Look at where you are headed. The decision you are making will depend on it.
- Take all the roads to imagine how the decision will affect them. If it was a yes or no question, then see where you might go with either answer.

At the end, all of this would not take more than ten minutes if the situation was too big. You cannot think right when you are angry or emotional. You have to calm down and relax before rushing into decisions.

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