Thursday, August 16, 2012

How to De-Stress on Your Way to Work

To be able to de-stress on your way to work you need to be able to control the 'fight / flight / freeze' response. This in-built mechanism goes back to when we were out in the wild hunting for food. Being able to fight and run away from wild animals is essential in that environment. It is still useful of course in some contexts in the modern world too, but as you well know, all to often the 'fight or flight' stress response kicks in at varying levels throughout a normal day! But, because you're not fighting or running that stressful chemical mix just saps your energies and can induce stress related illness. Clearly stress is bad for our health and peace of mind. So wouldn't it be great if we could discover the secrets of how to de-stress fast...

Energy Medicine

The following 'de-stressing' technique comes from the world of Energy Medicine. It's so easy you will quickly be able to verify for yourself how effective it is. As with quite a few of the Energy Medicine techniques, people actually partially do them already. In other words part of our being knows a lot about natural healing innately. For instance when people 'lose it' they often hold their hands on their head, in the 'O my God!' pose.

Unfortunately they only keep their hands there for a few moments. If they kept their hands there for a few minutes they would be able to return to a calm balance. These locations or points on the head are known, in Energy Medicine, as the Neurovascular Points. These locations impact blood circulation throughout the entire body.

The ones we are going to use to help reduce the stress response are located an inch above the eyebrows; the bumps on the forehead. By placing the thumbs on the temples at the side of the eyes and then placing our finger tips on our forehead we keep the blood from leaving our forebrain.

The forebrain is the part of the brain that is responsible for our cognitive skills. Even when you've 'lost it' holding these points brings blood back to the forebrain! Which means you will be able to think straight again. There's also an added benefit in that it can also provide a cranial adjustment which may relieve: Chronic headaches, neck pain and jaw tension.

You can re-balance your brain using this 'Energy Medicine' with any stressful emotion / state of mind such as:

    Self Pity
    Confusion / Lack of Concentration

Re-Programming The Autonomic Nervous System

Do you ever think about things from the past that stress you out? All you need to do to re-program that stress response is hold the Neurovascular points while you think of those memories. There's no need to try to be positive, simply hold the points and the stress will melt within minutes. Go through a few memories while holding the points, you could do it in the bath, and the de-stress-ing effect will begin to generalise to other memories automatically!

You can, of course, go ahead and think of upcoming events that cause you some stress. Simply think about them while holding the points. Go through a few like that to help generalise the 'stress melt.' World renowned healer Donna Eden once stated at a seminar at Lake Lucern, Switzerland, "holding the neurovasculars ALWAYS works!" In Energy Medicine she says this will be one of the simplest yet most valuable tools you can learn to help yourself de-stress fast.

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