Saturday, July 28, 2012

Stress Management for Single Mothers

We all know that no women would ever wish to become a single mother and see her child suffer for having a broken family but still nobody can ever predict what our life would be; only God knows what his plans for each of us. So if you are one of those single mother out there don't be sad, Cheer Up, life goes on. Even though your boyfriend or husband left you intentionally or because of death, don't lose hope because you're not alone. You are blessed of having a child so there is still a reason for you to continue with your life and moved-on.

But still, we can't deny the fact that the life of a single mother is always surrounded with greatest fear, anxiety, worries and stress on how they to deal to the chapter of their life of having a child without a father. But worry no more because we can help you take away all your fear, worries and anxiety and give you advices on how to manage your stress.

If you always feel stressed and don't know how to manage it, it may bring harm to your health and may lead you for having an emotional imbalance so we must handle our stress with proper care.

Here are Some Ways in Handling Your Stress

• Always think positive and look for the brighter side of life.

• Set goals and dreams for you and for your child/children

• Always spent quality time to bond with your child every day and always have an open communication.

• After a long and stressful week at the office, invite your child for an out-of-town trip and do some adventure activities together.

• Have a healthy and balance diet

• Do the things that would make you happy, inspires you and can bring back the beautiful smile on your smile and these activities may include, gardening, singing, writing articles and engaging in different sport activities.

• Spend time with your friends or office-mates once in week

• Live your life to the fullest and always take away all the anger, insecurities and pain in your heart.

So if you oftdn feel stress just follow these simple ways and I'm pretty sure that from the time you know how to manage your stress, you will be away from any harmful effects of stress to your body and will give you a younger and blooming looks again like a teenage

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